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 A visit, also known as a Session is a period of interaction between the user and a website. A visit starts when a user enters any page of a website and ends when a user either closes a browser or navigates to a different site. A visit is considered a bounce if a user leaves a website after viewing only one page. The metric measuring the relative number of bounces is known in internet marketing as bounce rate.
Visits vary by length of time spent on the site and the number of pages loaded during the visit. General knowledge is the longer the visit, the more opportunity there is to generate revenue from the user.
A visit can be either a direct visit or a referral. Direct visits occur when a user either types a website's URL in their browser or navigates to a website from their bookmarks (or favorites) menu. In some cases direct visits are started automatically when a browser is set to load a homepage on start. A referral occurs when a user clicks a link on a different site and is then referred to a destination website. Most common types of a referrals are search engine referrals or paid advertisement referrals.
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