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Ad Placement

 Ad Placement refers to a space on a website or blog that is allocated for advertisements. Publishers place ads on their websites and blogs in order to generate revenue from the traffic that they refer as well as to compliment their website's content.
With most programs a publisher can choose the format and presentation of the ads in order to match their website's style and layout. Generally publishers can select such parameters as advertisement format (Banner, Skyscraper, Square, etc.) as well as fonts and colors. The actual content (image or text) within the ad placement however, is determined by an ad-serving algorithm. Its primary purpose is to make sure that the ad's content matches and/or compliments the content of the website. This ensures maximum click through and conversion rates, thus generating higher revenue stream for publishers and effective return on investment for advertisers.  Ad Placement Configuration
Above the Fold
Ad Placement
Bounce Rate
Click Through Rate
Conversion Rate
Cost Per 1,000 Impressions
Cost Per Click
Cost Per Mille
Direct Traffic
Entrance Page
Exit Page
Landing Page
Pay Per Click
Referral Fee
Return on Investment
Search Engine
Search Term
Text Link
Unique Visit
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