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Above the Fold

 Above the Fold, also known as Above the Scroll, is a term borrowed from print publishing and refers to the content that is viewable without scrolling the web page. Since above the fold is the prime real estate of any page, advertisements that are placed there are more likely to convert. It is also reasonable for publishers to charge premium on advertisements that are published above the fold. In PPC programs, the publishers are naturally interested to publish ads above the fold, as they are directly compensated based on the number of clicks. With CPM programs, it is in the advertisers' interest to have their ads placed in the most visible locations. With expo-MAX CPM Program, it is a requirement that all CPM-based ads are published above the fold. Since screen resolutions vary greatly, it is difficult to establish the exact fold cutoff point, so for the purpose of advertising we set the fold at resolution of 1024x768, covering over 92% of all visitors.
Above the Fold
Ad Placement
Bounce Rate
Click Through Rate
Conversion Rate
Cost Per 1,000 Impressions
Cost Per Click
Cost Per Mille
Direct Traffic
Entrance Page
Exit Page
Landing Page
Pay Per Click
Referral Fee
Return on Investment
Search Engine
Search Term
Text Link
Unique Visit
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