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expo-MAX Refund Policy

Non-refundable Setup Fee
At the time when an advertiser activates his or her expo-MAX advertiser’s account, a setup fee of US $50.00 is charged to an advertiser’s credit card. Advertiser's account is then credited US $50.00 to be spent on any of our advertising programs. This activation fee is non-refundable.
Once the initial US $50.00 credit runs out, advertising campaigns continue to run. Credit card is charged only after the advertising has been delivered and advertiser account balance (credit) dips below US -$50.00. In cases when advertiser account is inactive for 5 business days and there is negative balance in the advertiser account, the system will charge the amount equial to the negative balance to bring the advertiser account balance back to US $0.00. You can stop advertising campaigns individually or all at once at any time by clicking Pause button under "Manage Ads" menu.
A cancellation occurs when an Advertiser requires canceling expo-MAX advertising service. This can be done at any time by switching advertiser’s account into "Paused" mode in the account management console. No further advertisement will be served and no further charges will be made.
Account Credits
Credits to the account are issued if any suspicious activity and/or fraud impressions or clicks that are related to the advertising campaigns of the advertiser are detected by expo-MAX quality control team. We use different tools and statistical algorithms to prevent and highlight any potential losses that our advertisers may incur due to fraudulent activity and/or illegal impressions or clicks.
Refunds are generally not applicable because we charge advertisers only after the advertising has been delivered.
You can send us questions or feedback regarding our refund policy.

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