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 Traffic, sometimes referred to as Web Traffic, is the amount of data sent and received by a server. In some cases, traffic refers to a number of visitors to a website and their activity, although this definition does not include spiders.
Internet Traffic  It is very important to understand what kind of traffic your website receives and where it originates in order to be able to maximize website's marketing efficiency.
The most common source of traffic in web marketing is search engines. It is imperative to have an enterprise class analytical software to determine marketing efficiency, better understand your visitors' needs and streamline your promotional efforts.
The following concepts are often used to describe traffic: Visit, Page View, Bounce Rate, Referral, and sometimes Hit. A hit can be a misleading metric as a page with 50 images on it will generate 51 hits.
Above the Fold
Ad Placement
Bounce Rate
Click Through Rate
Conversion Rate
Cost Per 1,000 Impressions
Cost Per Click
Cost Per Mille
Direct Traffic
Entrance Page
Exit Page
Landing Page
Pay Per Click
Referral Fee
Return on Investment
Search Engine
Search Term
Text Link
Unique Visit
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