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Maximize Returns from your  

Online Advertising

with expo-MAX™ Marketing Solutions.

Advertiser Solutions

Advertise your e-commerce website, eBay store, products or services and drive your sales.
Boost returns from your marketing campaign by identifying and eliminating inefficiencies.
Choose from a number of advertisement types to maximize exposure and grow your sales.

Publisher Solutions

Focus on your website's content while generating a steady advertisement revenue.
Choose from a variety of advertisement formats to enhance your website's content.
Maximize performance of each advertisement by optimizing ad settings and format types.



expo-MAX™ specializes in providing customizable advertising programs leaving our clients in charge. Our partners can fine tune their campaigns by choosing their own advertising costs and budgets to maximize return on their investment. We encourage our users to set up multiple ad variations to find the ones that convert at the highest rate and yield maximum profits.


Our industry leading revenue sharing model guarantees maximum return on investment for advertisers and unsurpassed traffic monetization for publishers. Compared with an industry average 50-60% revenue sharing rate, our stellar 70% revenue share for top advertisers and publishers ensures that no advertisement dollar is wasted.


Our consumer targeting technology guarantees the highest possible return on marketing investment. It closely matches advertising content to the content of the publisher. This maximizes both lead quality for advertisers and revenue stream for publishers. Our technology also tracks clicks by geographical area preventing a possibility of inflated click value.


Invaluable years of internet marketing analysis, statistical research and our proprietary know-how allows us to identify fraudulent activity and therefore prevent any waste of advertisement funds. Our team of behavioural statisticians and marketing specialists guarantee long term goals of our partners and mutual benefits of our partnership.
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