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Heat Map
Use our automatically generated Heat Maps to determine areas frequently scanned by your visitors.
Heat Map for Ads
Improve your click through rate (CTR) and ad revenue by maximizing ad visibility.
Heat Map for Stretchable Websites
Our Heat Maps can be calibrated for both fixed-width and stretchable website layouts.
Search Engines Aggregate Reports
Inspect aggregate search engine referral statistics to evaluate where to focus your attention.
Search Engines Detailed Reports
Evaluate your traffic sources better, including specialty search engines (Images, News, Maps, etc.)
Search Engine Keywords Reports
Find out what your visitors are looking for and how high your site is ranked in search engines.
Search Term Reports
View all the search terms (keywords) that your visitors typed in a given time frame.
Search Term Search Engines Reports
Discover the search engines that are referring via a particular keyword alongside your rank.
Search Engine Keyword Reports
View statistics for a specific search engine and keyword alongside traffic dynamics chart.
Analytics Overview
Analytics main page gives you a brief summary of your web statistics.
Calendar Control
Calendar control lets you easily select time frame for your reports.
Hourly Reports
expo-MAX Analytics is built to provide you with real-time hourly reports for you to analyze busy times.
Visitors Reports
Visitor analysis allows you to keep track of where your visitors are located.
User Browsers Reports
There is no guessing as to what browsers you should optimize your site for with user browser breakdown.
User Operating Systems Reports
You can better understand your target market by evaluating the operating systems that they are using.
Screen Resolution Reports
You can ensure your site is displayed properly in all resolutions your visitors are using.
Traffic Soources Overview
Traffic Sources Overview page gives you a quick breakdown on how visitors are finding your site.
Direct Traffic Reports
You will be able to see where your services are most popular using direct traffic report.
Referring Sites Reports
Browse through the list of referrers where your visitors are sent to you.
Referring Site Reports
Click on one of the referrers and you will see all the inside pages that referred your visitors.
Search Term Landing Pages Reports
Optimize your landing pages to a specific keyword to improve you conversion rate.
Search Term Location Reports
Browse through the location of where searches originated before visiting your site.
Top Content Reports
Determine what pages are requested the most by your visitors with our Content Report.
Page Reports
Track individual page statistics over time to determine what changes are beneficial.
Sessions Reports
View all your visits in real time as they come to quickly evaluate your marketing efforts.
Session Reports
View individual visitor statistical information and click paths with View Session tool.
Session Depth Reports
Explore detailed break down of sessions by depth or duration among other parameters.
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