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The Content Report helps you analyze the performance of each of your specific pages, with specific regard to landing pages and exit pages. The Content Report is divided into three parts: (1) top content (2) landing pages and (3) exit pages. Together, this data helps you understand which pages, articles and posts make the strongest connections with your viewers and users.
1. Top Content
Top content consists of the pages that receive the most visits. In addition to the trending graph and the site statistics, the Top Content report shows you the page URL, total number of visits, bounce rate and other useful information for each page on your website.
2. Landing Pages
Landing pages are the pages that visitors first see when entering your website. For referred traffic (i.e. from a hyperlink or via a search engine), the landing page is often a page other than your main homepage or root. For SEO campaigns, this is often intentional, as targeted landing pages can be carefully tailored to the intentions and interests of your visitors. The Landing Pages report lets you see a ranking of the entry pages as well as the total number of visits, bounce rate and other information. Clicking on a landing page gives you more information, such as trends over time and incoming search terms.
3. Exit Pages
Exit pages are the opposite of landing pages—these are the last page that a user sees on your website before clicking on an external link, closing their browser or otherwise accessing a page that isn’t on your domain. If a user exits from a landing page, this is called a “bounce.” Exits can be indicative of a user losing interest, finding the information irrelevant to their search or clicking on an advertiser or recommended link. The Exit Pages report shows you the top pages that prompt a user to leave the site and provides links to page URL specific reports.
The Content report is geared towards identifying the pages on your site that attract and retain the most traffic as well as the pages that prompt users to leave your site. Understanding how each page performs lets you detect and address weak content, pages with errors and “sticky” content. The Content report is also linked to the other reports within expo-MAX Real Analytics in order to provide context for your findings.
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