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Exit Pages

Exit Pages
The Exit Pages report gives you insight into how your content performs and how your visitors behave once they are on your site. Exit pages are the pages that a visitor views just before leaving your site. Analyzing your website’s exit pages data can provide valuable clues regarding on-site advertisements, such as pay-per-click ad units, bounce rates and conversions. To view your Exit Pages report, choose Content on the navigation menu and click Exit Pages.
Select Analytics -> Top Content -> Exit Pages from the menu
The Exit Pages report has three main components: (1) the trending graph (2) the site summary and (3) the exit page ranking.
Exit Pages Overview
1. Trending Graph
The Trending Graph shows you the total visits for all of your exit pages for the date range you’ve selected. Mouse-over a node for more details about that particular date or time.
Exit Pages Trending
2. Site Summary
The site summary shows your additional data pertaining to all of the exit pages on your website, including the total number of visits, unique visits, pageviews, pages per visit, average time on site and bounce rate.
Exit Pages Summary
3. Exit Pages Ranking
The Exit Pages Ranking component serves two purposes. First, it shows you a listing of the top exit pages, ranked according to number of exits from that page. It also shows you the number of exits, percentage of exits, bounce rate and session duration for each exit page. Secondly, the Exit Pages Ranking lets you view detailed content reports for each exit page. Click the URL to be taken to a report specific to that page.
Exit Pages Report
The Page URL specific report opens on another screen. Here, you’ll have a trending graph, page statistics report and page search term listing that pertains to the page you’ve selected. Clicking on a Page Search Term brings you to a separate Search Term report specific to the page URL you’ve selected.
Page Keywords
Depending on the goals and layout of your site, the Exit Pages report can give you valuable data regarding the performance of your content. An exit page with a high number of exits can either mean that your content is not holding the attention of your users or it could mean that you are converting well for promoted products and websites or PPC advertisements. Review your Exit Pages report regularly to gain a better understanding of how your various campaigns are performing.
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Exit Pages
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