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Options & Functions

Options and Functions
The expo-MAX Real Analytics report is split into three main parts: the Visitor Analysis, Traffic Sources and Content Analysis. Each of these reports takes visitor and website activity data from the selected date range and presents it in a format that is most useful for your specific analytical purpose.
Visitor Analysis
The Visitor Analysis provides you with detailed information about the users who visited your website. This data is helpful in understanding how, where and when visitors access your website so you can deliver a better experience. Using the Visitor Analysis, you can ensure that your website is compatible with each visitor’s machine and is tailored appropriately to their geographic location. The Visitor Analysis helps you improve your usability overall.
Traffic Sources
The Traffic Sources report tells you where your visitors come from—including referring search engines, external websites and direct traffic. The Traffic Sources report gives you detailed insight into how your pages rank in the search engines and which keywords bring in the most visitors. This is one of the most important tools for measuring the effectiveness of your search engine optimization and Internet marketing campaigns.
Content Analysis
The Content Analysis shows you specific data on each page on your website. This report let’s you know which pages are popular, which content draws in more readers and which pages prompt users to navigate away from your website. The Content Analysis is key for tweaking and improving your articles, site design and blog posts.
This is just a brief overview of each of the options and functions available from expo-MAX Real Analytics. Each of these distinct reports have their own advanced tools and detailed analyses that unlock even more useful features that help you increase your traffic, improve your usability and rank well in the search engines. Read through the rest of the documentation or try the demo and see the full range of features for yourself.
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Options & Functions
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