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Analytics Overview Menu is located in the main menu under Analytics / Overview. This page is also automatically loaded when you select a website under Analytics / Settings.
This page displays several graphs and charts as well as provides a quick overview of several traffic parameters.
The graph on the very top of the page represents a time chart and a metric parameter. Default metric parameter is session count.
Right below the chart sits an info box that summarizes several metrics allowing you to overview all major parameters at once. Metrics included in the box are visit count, unique visit count, pageview count, average pageviews per visit, average time a user spent on the site, and bounce rate. This information box is a handy tool to keep an eye on your key metrics.
  Analytics Overview Menu
Analytics Overview Menu  Below the info box, there are three tables and one intensity map.
Intensity map displays the visit count over the selected period that are displayed when your mouse cursor hovers over the region.
The tables provide quick overview of your top content, detailed report of search engine referrals and search terms. You can view more detailed reports in each of these tables by clicking full report link right underneath each report.
This page can display both daily and hourly reports, making it useful to track the progression and marketing parameters as the day goes by. You can change this parameter by clicking on the date control in the upper right hand corner. It is important to remember that all the data is live so you will be able to see the changes by refreshing the page.
You can also quickly switch between different websites in your account by selecting them from the drop down menu in the upper right hand corner.
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