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Landing Pages

Landing Pages
The Landing Pages report is a portion of the Expo-MAX Real Analytics Content Report which gives you detailed information about the entrance pages on your website. Landing pages and entrance pages are the pages that visitors first access upon arriving to your site. Landing pages will vary depending on the referring links, search engines or other methods by which visitors find your website. Analyzing the data for your landing pages will help you understand which content brings in the most search engine traffic and garners the most backlinks and whether or not these pages entice readers to continue exploring your website. To view your Landing Pages report, click Content and then click Landing Pages in the navigation menu.
Select Analytics -> Content -> Landing Pages from the menu
There are three components to the Landing Page report: (1) the trending graph (2) the site summary and (3) the top landing pages ranking.
Landing Pages Overview
1. Trending Graph
The Trending Graph shows you the total number of visits for all of your landing pages for the selected date range. Mouse-over a node for more information regarding that particular date or time.
Landing Pages Trending
2. Site Summary
The Site Summary gives additional statistics about the aggregate visits for all landing pages on your website. You can see the total number of visits, unique visits, pageviews, pages per visit, average time on site and bounce rate.
Landing Pages Summary
3. Top Landing Pages Ranking
The Top Landing Pages Ranking breaks down the data for each specific landing page and serves as a gateway for more detailed reports. From here, you can see the number of landings, percentage of landings, bounce rate, pages per visit, session duration and pageview duration.
Landing Pages Report
Clicking on a landing page will bring you to a detailed report specific to that page. This opens on a separate screen and has a trending graph, page statistics and a breakdown of search terms that pertain to the page you clicked. Clicking on a Page Search Term brings you to the Search Terms report specific to that landing page.
Landing Pages Keywords
The Landing Pages report is one of the most critical sources of analytical data for your SEO, SEM or Internet marketing campaign. For analyzing your retention, the pages per visit, bounce rate and session duration are most important. The bounce rate tells you how many visitors landed on the page and immediately exited. The pages per visit shows how many additional pages the user clicked on after arriving. The session duration shows how long the user spent on the website—including pages clicked subsequently to arriving on the landing page. Low bounce rates, high pages per visit and high session durations are indicative of content that holds the attention of readers. High bounce rates suggests that the content is irrelevant to what the user was searching, there is no clear call to action or there are navigational problems. Take time to review your Landing Pages report to better understand how your visitors behave and how your content performs
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Landing Pages
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