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The expo-MAX Real Analytics Visitors report is a comprehensive analysis of the machines, browsers, screen resolutions and geographical locations of your website users. The visitor report is broken up into four distinct sections: (1) locations (2) browsers (3) operating systems and (4) screen resolutions. Each one of these reports gives you valuable insight that helps you build aggregate and specific visitor profiles so you can optimize the viewing experience for your website.
1. Locations
The Locations report shows you the total number of visitors for the selected date range broken down by country. You can see a trending graph, intensity map and a ranking for each country that sent visitors to your website. The locations report is helpful for determining which languages to use and which regions to target for your keywords and site copy.
2. Browsers
The Browser report breaks down the specific browser type and version for each of your visitors (i.e. Safari 533, Internet Explorer 8.0 or Chrome 5.0). The Browser report shows you this information in a trending graph, pie chart and a detailed ranking. Knowing which browsers your visitors use helps you ensure that your site renders correctly for all of your users.
3. Operating Systems
The Operating Systems report is similar to the Browser report, but it gives you details on the platform or operating system that your visitors are using. For example, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, OS X, Ubuntu and others. The Operating Systems report gives you implicit and specific information about the software and hardware your visitors use which is helpful for identifying and addressing security issues.
4. Screen Resolution
The Screen Resolution report gives you a breakdown of the screen resolutions for each visitor, presented in a trending graph, pie chart and detailed ranking. For example, 1024x768, 1280x800, 1280x1024, etc. Screen resolution data helps web designers create pages, layouts and templates that are aesthetically intuitive for all of your visitors. For example, if you notice that a high proportion of users have low resolutions, you may want to optimize your website for mobile browsing. The BlackBerry Pearl 8100, for example, has a resolution of 240x260.
These four sections of the Visitors report combined will give you a detailed picture of the software and hardware used by your visitors from each region. Using this information, you can tailor your website’s site design, layout and copy to their specifications in order to create a more navigable and enjoyable browsing experience.
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