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The Visitors feature of the expo-MAX analytics suite allows you to collect valuable information about the people who view your website. First on the list is Locations. Select it by clicking Visitors on the left-hand navigation pane to expand the menu. Next, click Locations.
Select Analytics -> Visitors -> Locations from the menu
The Visitor Locations report will display on the right-hand side. There are three distinct sections on this view:
1.The Visitor Locations Map, which shows the geographic distribution of visitors across the globe.
2.The Visitor Locations Summary, which shows a quick snapshot of visitor data for the selected date range
3.The Top Visitor Locations by Country, listing which shows data from each country
Visitor Locations Report
1. Visitor Locations Map
This view shows you which countries are sending traffic to your site. The darker green shading means more visitors have originated from that country. You can see a key in the bottom-right hand corner. For more information, allow your mouse to hover over a country. The country will be highlighted and a pop-up dialog will show you the name of the country and the number of visits.
Visitor Locations Report
2. Visitor Locations Summary
This box is fairly self-explanatory and is similar to reports you’ll find on other views in your analytics report. Most pertinent is the line below the box, which tells you how many visits you received and from how many countries. The other information corresponds to the total number of visits, unique visits, pageviews, pages viewed per visit, average time on site and the bounce rate for all visitors from all countries.
Visitor Locations Summary
3. Top Visitor Locations by country
The last box shows you a listing of visitor data from your top countries. By default, you will see the top 20 countries by number of visitors. You can see the number of visits, the percentage of total visits that were sent from that country, the average time that each visitor spent on the site and the bounce rate.
Visitor Locations by Country
By default, you will see the 1st through 20th ranked countries. You can change how many items you see on each page by clicking the drop-down menu in the bottom-right. Alternately, you can move through the pages by clicking page numbers or clicking "Next" or "Last".
Visitor Locations by Country
Depending on the functionality of your website and the audience, the Visitor Locations report can be very useful. For example, you may want to look into monetizing international traffic. Also, if you tend to have a high bounce rate from a certain country, you may want to investigate why—perhaps one of your geo-based widgets, scripts or ad units is malfunctioning.
In summary, the Visitor Locations Analytics view is a powerful tool for tailoring your website and its content to audiences from around the world.
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