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As part of the expo-MAX analytics Visitors feature, you can see a report on the types and versions of browsers that your visitors are using. This is particularly useful when optimizing your website for different browser compatibilities and identifying how many of your users are accessing your site from smartphones and other mobile devices.
You can access the Browsers report by clicking Visitors on the left-hand navigation bar and choosing Browsers from the expanded menu.
Select Analytics -> Visitors -> Browsers from the menu
To the right, you’ll see three different components of the Visitor Browsers report. First is a pie chart breakdown of the different types of browsers being used to access your website. Next is a summary of the entire report. Lastly, you’ll see a detailed listing of the top browsers used by your website’s visitors.
Browser Breakdown Report
1. Visitor Browser Chart
This chart gives you a visual summary of the browsers being used to access your website. The colors on the right correspond to the slices on the left. You can also click a slice to see more information for that particular subset. For example, in this screenshot, the largest slice has been clicked which reveals that 2,607 visitors used Internet Explorer 8.0, which comprised 30.1 percent of all visitors.
Visitor Browser Chart
2. Visitor Browser Summary
The summary shows you the number of visits, unique visits, pageviews, pages per visit, average time on site and bounce rate for the selected date range. Below the chart, you can see the total number of visitors and the total number of browsers used as well.
Visitor Browser Summary
3. Visitor Browser Chart
Lastly, you can view the top listing of visitor browsers. By default, you will see the top 20 browsers. You can expand the number of browsers displayed or navigate to the next page by clicking below.
Browser Statistics
The Visitor Browser report is simple in its presentation but can be useful from an analytics perspective. For example, if you notice that a vast majority of your visitors use Internet Explorer and Firefox, you might want to optimize your site to look best in these browsers. Furthermore, if you’re seeing an inordinate number of bounces and very short times on site, you might want to investigate to see if there is a rendering error with one of your top browsers.
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Screen Resolutions
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