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expo-MAX Real Analytics is a free Internet marketing analysis tool that is powerful enough for enterprise class IT, web development and marketing professionals yet intuitive and easy-to-use enough for hobbyists and personal bloggers. In addition to the valuable reporting, tracking and analytical functions that web professionals come to expect from a solid web analytics suite, expo-MAX Real Analytics offers a few unique features that make it an excellent all-in-one solution for analyzing search engine optimization, pay for performance and other Internet marketing campaigns.
Real-Time Stats
expo-MAX Real Analytics lets you respond to trends and opportunities as they happen. Visits, traffic and other website activity is reported in real time, so you don’t have to wait until the next day to see how your campaigns are performing.
Daily and Hourly Reporting
The crux of most major web analytics solutions lies within daily reporting. Daily reporting gives you a broad overview of the long term trends and website activity on your website. expo-MAX Real Analytics lets you see data according to custom intervals, which allows you to identify seasonal, annual and other periodic trends. But expo-MAX Real Analytics takes it to the next level with hourly reporting that lets you see trends during any given 24 hour period. This lets you detect daily spikes, bottlenecks and downtimes and helps you plan for varying server load throughout the day.
Specialty Search Engine Reporting
For referral data, expo-MAX Real Analytics differentiates between the basic web search and specialty search engines, such as Yahoo! Images and Google Blog Search. This information helps you understand your visitors and the ways in which they find your content.
Detailed Hostname Reporting
expo-MAX Real Analytics has two sets of reports for referring search engines: detailed and aggregate. The detailed report breaks down the hostnames used by the major search engines—for example,,,, etc. The aggregate report is a simpler output, which reports on all hostnames collectively. The detailed report gives you valuable insight into your search engine ranking, especially since many nation-specific search engine domains are indexed differently.
Search Engine Ranking Reports
For external SEO and Internet marketing campaigns, knowing how your page ranks for your targeted keywords is key to analyzing the efficacy of your efforts. expo-MAX Real Analytics shows you the ranking (i.e. which page it appears on or which position it holds on the search engine results pages) for each keyword and search engine.
User Session Logs
Instead of collecting and reporting on aggregate data for all users, expo-MAX Real Analytics records complete user session for each visitor. This anonymous data lets you see exactly how a specific user accessed, navigated and ultimately exited your website.
…and More!
These are just a few of the key unique features of expo-MAX Real Analytics—this powerful, free tool is capable of much, much more and we’re continually adding and improving features, functions and reporting tools. Try our demo or read through our documentation to discover the full range of expo-MAX Real Analytics capabilities.
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