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Search Terms

The Search Terms report in the expo-MAX Real Analytics Traffic Sources report gives you detailed information about the keywords and key phrases that your users type into search engines in order to find your content. This is valuable information, particularly for search engine optimization (SEO) professionals running off-site campaigns with targeted search terms. The Search Terms report gives you valuable data, including top search terms, locations, search engine ranking and more. To access the report, click Traffic Sources and choose Search Terms.
Select Analytics -> Traffic Sources -> Search Terms from the menu
There are three components on the main page of the Search Terms report: (A) the trending graph (B) the site summary and (C) the search terms ranking.
Search Terms Overview
Trending Graph
The trending graph shows you the aggregate data for all visits from all search terms for the selected date range. For information on a specific date, allow your mouse to hover over a node.
Trending Graph
Site Summary
The site summary gives you more data about all search engine traffic, including the total number of visits, unique visits, pageviews, pages per visit, average time on site and bounce rate.
Search Term Ranking
The Search Term ranking gives you a breakdown of all of the search terms that brought traffic to your site. As you can imagine, this report can get rather lengthy. To help you analyze your data and present it in meaningful ways, there are a number of ways you can focus the data. For example, you can click on a specific search term to be taken to a detailed report for that search term only.
List of Keywords
If you are looking for a specific search term, you can filter all your search terms by typing in a phrase or a portion of a phrase and clicking “Apply.”
You can use Keywords Filter
As mentioned above, you can click a search term to be taken to a detailed report. By default, you’ll be taken to the search engines report specific to that search term. This will tell you which search engines sent traffic to your website using that search term. This report also tells you how your website ranks for that term for that search engine. Clicking on a search term brings you to the Search Engines report.
Referring Search Engines
Click on the landing pages button to see detailed information about which pages users found with that particular search term. You can click on a landing page to be taken to the Content Report.
View Landing Pages for a Specific Keyword
Lastly, you can focus your search term report based on location. Clicking on location shows you which countries are sending traffic via the search term you’ve selected.
View Locations by Country
The Search Term report gives you a bird’s eye view of your search engine traffic as well as an in-depth look at all of the search terms that bring traffic to your website. Each specific search term report is interlinked to the other Expo-MAX Real Analytics report, which makes it ideal for analyzing the effectiveness of your SEO campaigns. Using the Search Term report, you can track the ranking of your website for each search term and identify which keywords are bringing you in the most traffic.
Direct Traffic
Referring Sites
Search Engines
Search Terms
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