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Direct Traffic

The expo-MAX Real Analytics Traffic Sources report includes a detailed report that analyzes direct traffic specifically. Direct traffic are hits that don’t originate from search engines or links. In most cases, direct traffic comes from users typing in your URL directly. This usually occurs when users have your page bookmarked or saw your website on a flyer, business card, outdoor signage or on some other physical media. To help you strategize your Internet marketing campaign, the Direct Traffic report provides information about your monthly, weekly, daily or hourly trending and the location of your visitors. To access the report, click Traffic Sources from the navigation pane in the top-left and click Direct Traffic.
Select Analytics -> Traffic Sources -> Direct Traffic from the menu
Three are four distinct sections of the Direct Traffic report: (A) the trending graph (B) the site summary (C) the location map (D) and a list of countries ranked by number of visitors.
Direct Traffic Overview
Trending Graph
The trending graph shows you the amount of direct traffic for the selected date range. Allow your mouse to hover over a node for more information.
Direct Traffic Trending
Site Summary
The site summary shows you the aggregate data and sample size. You can see the total number of visits, the unique visits, pageviews, pages per visit, average time on site and bounce rate.
Direct Traffic Summary
Location Map
The location map is color coded by intensity—countries with darker tints of green sent more direct traffic. You can see a key in the bottom-left and you can click a country for more information, including the name of the country and the number of visits.
Direct Traffic Locations
Location Ranking
Lastly, you can see the countries ranked in order, beginning with the country that sent you the most visits. You can see the total number of visits from each country as well as the overall percentage of visits. To view countries ranked lower on the list, use the navigation controls at the bottom.
Direct Traffic Country List
The Direct Traffic report gives you valuable data about visitors who come to your site without a referrer. For more information specific to direct traffic, you may also want to check out the Content report.
Direct Traffic
Referring Sites
Search Engines
Search Terms
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