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Search Engines

Within the expo-MAX Real Analytics Traffic Sources reports is a detailed Search Engines report. This gives you specific information on the search engines which send traffic to your website. There are two basic views for the Search Engine report: an aggregate report, which ranks referrers collectively by search engine and the detailed report, which shows you the specific hostname of the referring search engine.
To access the Search Engines report, click Traffic Sources on the navigation menu and choose Search Engines. The Search Engines report appears on the right.
Select Analytics -> Traffic Sources -> Search Engines
There are three components to the Search Engines report, each of which gives you an overview of your search engine traffic: (A) the trending graph (B) the site summary and (C) the search engine rankings.
Search Engine Overview
Trending Graph
The trending graph shows you the total amount of visits from search engines for the selected date range. Mouse-over a node to see more information about that specific date.
Search Engine Trending
Site Summary
The Site Summary gives you aggregate data about all of your search engine traffic, including the total number of visits, unique visits, pageviews, pages per visit, average time on site and bounce rate.
Search Engine Summary
Search Engine Ranking
The Search Engine ranking shows you detailed information about each search engine. The aggregate view gives you a more basic report where listings are grouped by search engine. For example, in the aggregate view, visits from,, and would all be collectively referred to simply as Google. You can change views by clicking on the buttons in the top-right.
Aggregate or Detailed Report
The detailed view breaks down the traffic information based on the individual hostnames. With the detailed view, you can separate out the visits and other data from each hostname—that way, you can see how compares to, for example. In both views, you can click the name of a search engine to be taken to a more detailed report.
Search Engine Table
The detailed search engine report gives you the same data, except specific to the search engine you clicked. For example, if you click Yahoo Images, you’ll see a trending graph and site summary pertinent to all traffic from Yahoo Images. Below, you’ll see a detailed breakdown of the search terms from the selected search engine that visitors used to find your website. For SEOs, the ranking for the search term may be of particular interest. For most search engines, you should able to see which page your website appears on for that particular search term—other search engines will report a range of positions. You can click on a search term to be taken to a detailed Search Term report. For more information on Search Term reports, check out the section on Search Terms.
Search Engine Keywords
The Search Engines report is one of the most powerful tools within the expo-MAX Real Analytics suite. This report not only gives you detailed information about search engine traffic, it also lets you identify the specific hostnames of each search engine. The Search Engines report also shows you how your website ranks for individual search terms, making it an excellent analytical tool for SEO campaigns.
Direct Traffic
Referring Sites
Search Engines
Search Terms
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