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Joomla Stats

Track Joomla Blog Stats with expo-MAX Real Analytics

Joomla is one of our favorite content management systems—especially when paired with a powerful, easy-to-use blog traffic analytics tool. Fortunately, expo-MAX Real Analytics works seamlessly with Joomla, allowing you to track blog visitors, analyze backlinks and see search engine rankings for each keyword. expo-MAX Real Analytics gives bloggers:

Comprehensive, real-time reporting on visits and traffic – expo-MAX Real Analytics generates hour-by-hour data that is available to you immediately. No more waiting for the next day to see how a post is performing—expo-MAX Real Analytics lets you see traffic in real time.
Usability data – expo-MAX Real Analytics tells you which browsers, screen resolutions and operating systems your readers use so you can optimize your site layout for the best viewing experience.
Session drilldowns and bounce rate reporting – expo-MAX Real Analytics lets you identify your top content so you know which topics grab your readers’ attention and which posts turn them away.
Search engine ranking reports – expo-MAX Real Analytics lets you see the page and position your blog posts appear on in all the major search engines. Excellent for search engine optimization campaigns.

Setting up Joomla with expo-MAX Real Analytics is quick, easy and free. Simply follow the steps below:

1. Sign up for an expo-MAX Real Analytics account.
2. Click Analytics and choose Settings. Click Add Website and type your domain name in the box provided. Click Save Website.

Click Add Website

3. Press Control-C to copy the expo-MAX code to your clipboard.

Copy Code

4. Log in to your Joomla account. Click Global configuration.

Click Global Configuration

5. Under “Default WYSIWYG Editor,” choose “EditorNo EditorClick Save. (Note: You can change this back later.)

Change to HTML

6. On the top menu, Click Extensions and choose Module Manager.

Click Module Manager

7. Click New.

Create New Module

8. Choose Custom HTML and Click Next.

Select Custom HTML

9. In the “Title” field, Typeexpo-MAX Real Analytics.” Next to “Show title:” choose No. Click the drop-down menu next to Order and choose Footer, or an equivalent option.

Add Module to Footer

10. Scroll down to the “Custom Output” box. Paste the code into the box. Click Save.

Paste Code and Save

11. Return to your expo-MAX Real Analytics account and Click Verify Website.

Verify Website

12. You should now see the word Active beneath your website’s Status.

Active Status

After completing these steps, each page on your Joomla blog will have the expo-MAX Real Analytics code embedded in it. You will be able to begin collecting and analyzing data immediately. Check out our documentation section for more tips on using expo-MAX Real Analytics.
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