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Drupal Stats

Track Your Drupal Blog Stats with expo-MAX Real Analytics

Expo-MAX Real Analytics is a free web traffic analytics suite that gives you access to powerful visitor tracking and website statistics tools. For bloggers running Drupal, expo-MAX Real Analytics lets you gain valuable insight into how your readers interact with your content and how your blog ranks in major search engines. Expo-MAX Real Analytics lets you:

Analyze Backlinks – Find out what other bloggers consider noteworthy on your blog by analyzing Referrer data and Traffic Sources.
Track Search Engine Rankings – See which search terms readers use to find your blog and check your ranking for each keyword on Google, Yahoo!, Bing and other search engine.
Calculate Bounce Rates – Discover which posts encourage readers to delve deeper into your blog and which posts turn readers away.
Optimize User Experiences – Understand which browsers, operating systems and screen resolutions your readers use as well as their location so you can tailor your blog’s look and feel for optimal viewing.

You can integrate expo-MAX Real Analytics into your existing Drupal website or blog in just a few steps. Begin by visiting the expo-MAX Real Analytics Sign Up page to register. Once you’re signed up, Click Add Website.

Add Website

Your code will be generated automatically. Select it and Press CTRL-C to copy it to your clipboard.

Copy Tracking Code

Basic expo-MAX Real Analytics Drupal Setup

1. Log in to your Drupal account.
2. Click Administer and choose Blocks under Site building. Now, Click the Add block tab. Click Add Block Tab

2. In the “Block description” and “Block title” fields, Typeexpo-MAX Real Analytics.” Next, paste the code into the “Block body” field. Under “Input format,” choose “Full HTML.” Next, choose “Users cannot control whether or not they see this block” under “Custom visibility settings.” Leave both checkboxes underneath “Show block for specific roles” empty. Lastly, choose “Show on every page except the listed pages” under “Show block on specific pages.” When you’re done, Click Save block.

Set Block Options

3. From the Blocks screen, Drag and Drop your newly created block from “Disabled” into the “Footer” section.

Activate Block

4. Next, Click Site Configuration from the Administer menu. Click Input formats.

Select Input Formats

5. Click Configure next to “Full HTML.”

Select Full HTML

6. Un-checkHTML Corrector” underneath “Filters.” Click Save Configuration.

Save Configuration

Advanced expo-MAX Real Analytics Drupal Setup

If you are an advanced user and have FTP access to your Drupal installation, you can use the following set of directions instead. This takes less steps, but you’ll be editing files directly. (Note: If you completed the above steps, you do not have to complete the next section.)

1. Using an FTP client, access the /THEMES/ folder and open the theme folder viewed by public users. For example, if you are using Blue Zinfandel, find open /THEMES/bluezinfandel.
2. Openpage.tpl.php” in Notepad or another plain text editor.

Modify page.tpl.php file

3. Scroll down until you find the </body> tag. Paste the code before the </body> tag. Save the file. (If you downloaded a local version of “page.tpl.php,” you’ll need to upload the edited version and overwrite the old version on the server.)

Paste Code into Theme Template File

Following either set of instructions will embed the expo-MAX Real Analytics code onto each page on your Drupal website. To ensure that the code installed correctly, Log in to your expo-MAX Real Analytics account and Click Verify Website.

Verify Code Installation

If successful, you’ll see Active underneath the Status heading next to your website.

Active Status

Note: If you allow users to choose which themes display on your Drupal blog, you’ll have to complete the steps in the Advanced Setup for each theme.
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