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Blogger Stats

Track Blogger Stats with expo-MAX Real Analytics

Ever wanted to know more about your blog readers? With expo-MAX Real Analytics, you can. expo-MAX Real Analytics is a free website analytics tool that integrates seamlessly with Google Blogger blogs and lets you track your traffic, generate visitor reports and check your search engine rankings in all of the top search engines. expo-MAX Real Analytics gives you:

Valuable insight into visitor trends. Find out which search terms readers use to find your blog and how your blog ranks for each keyword on the major search engines. expo-MAX Real Analytics gives you real-time, hour-by-hour traffic reporting as well as detailed breakdowns about each v isitor’s operating system, browser, screen resolution and location.
Comprehensive traffic source reports. Discover which blogs are linking to your website and see which search engines garner you the most traffic. With expo-MAX Real Analytics, you get detailed information about your referrers and backlinks.
In-depth content reports. See which pages bring you the most traffic and identify pages that send visitors looking elsewhere on the web. The expo-MAX Real Analytics Top Content report is instrumental in repeating your past successes.

Setting up expo-MAX Real Analytics is simple, free and takes only a few minutes.

1. If you haven’t already, Sign Up for an expo-MAX Real Analytics account. It’s free, and there’s only one form to fill out.
2. After registering, Click Settings under Analytics. Next, Click Add Website and type your domain name in the field provided and Click Save Website.

Add Website

3. Press CTRL-C to copy the code to your clipboard.

Copy Code

4. Log in to your Blogger account. Click the Design tab and Click Edit HTML.

Click Edit HTML

5. Scroll Down until you see the </BODY> tag. Paste the entire code on the line above </BODY> and Click Save Template.

Paste Code

6. Now, return to your expo-MAX Real Analytics account and Click Verify Website.

Click Verify Website

7. The status next to your website will now read Active.

Active Status

Once expo-MAX Real Analytics is installed, the code will appear on every page and post on your Blogger blog. Data is collected as soon as your website is verified and you can start analyzing data immediately.
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