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Taiwan’s Susan Boyle

Taiwan’s Susan Boyle becomes Internet sensation

Reality TV has become by far one of the most lucrative programming trends on television today. It has attracted a lot of interest and most importantly brought in al lot of money. One of the most popular forms of reality entertainment today is the singing and talent competitions. These have become wildly popular with a huge fan following all over the world. Television networks all over are tripping over their feet to put together a hit program and many have been successful so far. One of the biggest and most popular talent search programs today is the show Britain’s Got Talent. This is a show which is judged by celebrities who choose from a line up of performances of people who showcase their talents. The most popular discovery of this program has been Susan Boyle, a 49 year old lady shot to instant fame with her amazing vocal talents. She was initially rejected by the crowd due to her village-ish looks, but her pure voice has silenced the critics.
Today, half way across the world in Taiwan, there is another Susan Boyle in the making. This time, it is a 24 year old shop assistant. This talented singer stunned the world with a near perfect rendition of Whitney Houston’s “I will always love you”. He came into the spot light only recently after his performance in the hit show “Million Stars”. He too was not given any due credit due to his boyish appearances and cute cuddly looks. This singer took the world by the storm by performing this rather difficult song, which requires a lot of practice and control, to near perfection. He has been able to emulate the same amount of interest in his talent as Susan Boyle generated in the UK. His name is Lin Yu- Chun. Since he is fat he has a nick name which was around much before he was coined as Taiwan’s Susan Boyle, called little fatty. Even though it is rude, it stuck with him due to his pudgy looks and cute boyish face. He was ecstatic when he realised that he had generated a lot of interest and said that he was shocked that he could draw so much attention. He also added that he was very moved and happy that thousands of people appreciated his song and his singing talent worldwide. He went on to tell the media that he loved singing since childhood and now plans to take it up as a career.
When asked about his comments on being compared to Susan Boyle who is a celebrity now, he said that he was indeed honoured to be given such a comparison. He also said that he was proud to be compared to such a powerful singer. If the popularity of Susan Boyle is anything to go by, whose debut album has become the best selling debut album in UK history, this chubby 24 year old is surely going to make it big.
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