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Apple to Sell 9 Million iPods

Apple on pace to sell over 9 million iPads

Apple iPad is one of the most awaited tech gadgets of 2010. It has lived up to all the hype which had been surrounding it. Apple iPhone was the innovation which Apple introduced a year before and despite several drawbacks, it has sold beyond any expectations. iPad is an innovation which has pushed the boundaries of possibilities in the daily use of computer gadgets, which is a cross between a laptop and a palm top. The main idea or inspiration for the iPad according to the Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs was to combine the computer and the hand held concept into one device. By doing this they have come up with one of the best looking computing gadgets released in recent times. The main reason for iPad’s success is not so much its features but rather the company which manufactures it. Apple has had tremendous success in the recent years, a trend started with the iPod, a portable MP3 player which simplified listening to music on the go.
With success after success behind the iPad, it had a lot to prove. There are many who do not appreciate the machinery that Apple produces claiming that it is just the hype which is helping the company sell its units. Even though the prices are geared towards the higher end markets, there are some very useful features to back them up. One example is the clarity of the iPad screen, which is brilliant to say the least and not common to an average gadget user. Hence the product does have a lot to offer and not just the brand name. To date the company has sold close to a million iPads in a matter of a few weeks. This sales progression seems to be on the exponential rise with no let down in the demand and orders. It is projected that Apple will comfortably sell 9 million iPads this year alone. Even though some may say that these figures appear too high and seem speculative, just by looking at the sales numbers, it appears that Apple has a real chance of achieving the target. According to some popular sites which follow IT trends, it is speculated that if Apple sold just one million sets every month, they would be able to comfortably reach the target by the time holiday season begins. iPad is looking to become the number one gift item for the upcoming holiday season, dethroning iPhone from last year and iPod from two years ago. All of this clearly indicates a distinct possibility that the iPad will sell in unheard of volumes for a gadget of this type, and the hype is only going to increase.
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