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Maximize return on investment

Advertise your products or services
Pay only for valid clicks or impressions
Set your own advertising cost and budget
Select from CPC or CPM programs
Fully integrated with web analytics solution
Click fraud prevention system
Easy and intuitive installation
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   With expo-MAX advertiser solutions you are fully in control of your marketing efforts. Using several analytical tools, you will be able to choose the program that works for you and fine-tune your advertising budget to custom tailor your campaign to your marketing requirements.
Our advertiser solutions program is a subset of expo-MAX Internet Marketing integrated toolkit that also includes search engine, marketing and advertising analysis tools, performance visualization charts, history reports, tracking tools, referral management and more.
Maximize your return on investment with expo-MAX advertiser solutions by selecting from multiple advertisement campaign types that fit your business model and increase your rate of return.
Real time reporting allows you to make your decisions quicker, saving you valuable time and reducing your overhead. Experiment with different performance programs and maximize your profits.
Powerful easy to navigate interface provides for a comfortable environment for marketing professionals and enthusiasts alike, that does not compromise the effectiveness of our advertiser solutions.
Reduce your advertising budget by paying less for clicks and impressions in contrast to large advertising networks where rigorous competition drives these costs beyond prohibitive levels.
expo-MAX can deliver as many or as few customers as you need. We have a large network of quality publishers and publishing partners to ensure that your advertisement is working for you 24/7.
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Our development team pays close attention to meet our customer needs. New technological solutions are constantly developped in accordance with personal recommendations and statistical analysis.
On top of regular customer care we have provided our clients with an extensive range of marketing materials, including help center, documentation, terminology and F.A.Q. sections.
User interface has been extensively upgraded in response to our customer suggestions. We take pride in providing the quickest response in the industry to address our customers' recommendations.
We do our best to respond to every request and not distinguish between large and small clients. We value opinions of our smaller customers as much as we do so for sizeable clients.
We made installation, management and reporting as easy and intuitive as possible removing the necessity for our customers to have an extensive technological background.
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expo-MAX advertiser solutions have been developped at the cutting edge of technological solutions, starting from data security and storage all the way to scalability and performance.
Marketing performance maximizer system is deeply integrated with expo-MAX Analytics at its very core, taking advantage of the data well beyond the scope of conventional advertising programs.
Military grade security algorythms built into all expo-MAX solutions ensure maximum confidentiality, top security of your information and statistical data, and addresses the growing need for privacy.
expo-MAX implemented a number of measures and employs several analytical modules to encourage a healthy business environment for our clients and eliminate fraudulent and illegal activity at its roots.
Our solutions employ multi-tier integrated architecture that allows for rapid joined development and deployment to address future security, functionality and scalability considerations.
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